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Nick Hub has been handicapping sports for over 15 years but started as a professional handicapper in 2020 . Clients of this service will receive Nick’s personal plays right after he places his bet.  We are proud of our service and we hope you enjoy it as well.

Here at SPH we practice discipline and good bankroll management practices.  Our site it set up with unit per play but I recomment using the percentage of bankroll for each play listed below.  (To read more about our bankroll management see our article in the article tab.)

10 unit plays = 3% of bankroll

9 unit plays = 2.5% of bankroll

8 unit plays = 2% of bankroll

7 unit plays = 1.5% of bankroll

6 unit plays = 1% of bankroll

5 unit plays = 0.5% of bankroll


Nick has been wonderful to work with. A very affordable, consistent winning service. Plays are released well before game time, and best of all, with full analysis so you can see why he played the game.  If you are looking for a service that consistently profits, then Nick is your guy. Look no further. ~TC. / Minneapolis.

Are you looking for a good capper who will make you a boss bookie slapper? Nick Hub is your guy! He's one of the best up & coming sports handicappers in the biz. And when I say up & coming, I mean the top throne of the industry!! Capo Dei Capi ~ Vince in LV




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